How do you do energy work remotely?

This is a skill honed over time.

You know, every day, people press their TV remotes and watch their TV’s go on, but we don't really question how that happens.  We know that our remotes send radio waves to a receptor and when the message is received, the TV responds.

Remote energy sessions, work very similarly.  First, what makes us think that the very humans who create technologies that send and receive waves of energy to create change, don’t inherently have the conscious capacity to create change in our cells, bodies, hearts, systems?    

We are energetic beings.  Our molecules are always in motion, and hence we are vibratory beings of energy.  Every thought we think creates a transmission of energy, and as we evolve our sensitivities, we can hear, see, smell, feel and sense the energy that others are emitting and harness the potency to direct energy to support transformations.  

You‘re reading this text via the technological internet, however, before this internet, there was and has always been an indigenous, original world wide web of life connectedness.  Remote work is done by tapping into this original world wide web and supporting sustainable systems in our bodies, minds, hearts, homes, schools and businesses.

Does everyone sense energy?

Sensing energy is something that all animals, including humans, do.  

If you're looking for a home, you may sense when you walk into a home, that something heavy occurred there.  If you're an venture capitalist, you may intuit that something is just off in a spreadsheet.  If you're an entrepreneur, you may meet a potential business partner and sense that you just trust her to have your back.

Have you ever walked into a room, and without hearing one word spoken, just had a sense that people had just been talking about you.  Could you tell whether they were sharing compliments or criticisms?  How did you know?  

Even when we can't language it, we sense energy.  

In a Shamanic Energy Session, you'll experience deep listening & seeing at a highly honed multi-sensory state.  

Often, as you experience this energy work, your own intuition attunes and heightens.  It’s as if we’re all musical instruments vibrating in unique frequencies.  As we deepen our healing journeys, our lives begin to resonate as our highest, most optimized versions of self.

What types of shamanic services do you offer?


Here are a few of my joyful services and their definitions.  Know that your session is customized to what will serve you best.

Intuitive Tracking

Checking in with your system or business system and accessing information to support you in clearing the energetic dynamics inside your relationships.

Chakra Illumination & Extractions

Releasing core issues connected to your system or mental wiring.  Using your triggers as healing maps to chart a new course.   Clearing blocked energy and offering light energy to areas in need.  

Centering & Grounding

Calming the system.  Bringing your energy back into your body.  Connecting to the land.  Connecting to the Life Force Energy beyond.  Very supportive and empowering.

Soul Retrieval

Reclaiming parts of your wholeness that have fragmented off for safe-keeping due to trauma earlier in life.  In shamanic mythology, a soul part is a part of you that has always been you, and is ready to come home to you.  The experience is a bit like knowing that you’re strong and courageous, but somehow not being able to access it, and then suddenly being able to access the wealth of strength and courage inside of you.

Destiny Retrieval

Sometimes, we look back at our lives and realize we may have made a decision in our past that changed the whole course of our present and future, and we know we’re heading down a path that isn’t quite aligned with who we are and what we’re here to do.  Destiny retrieval supports you in redirecting the momentum of your life’s momentum tunnel into your most optimized life map

Amplifying Intuition

Upleveling your vibration, clarifying your intuitive gifts and increasing your intuitive accuracy.

Medical Intuition

Using intuition as a tool to locate illness;particularly useful when you or a loved one has stumped medical science.

Remote Energy Healing

Working with vibrational energy from a distance to relieve physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  Very effective and accurate tool.

Stone Readings

Using stones and energy to read and redirect one’s life momentum into a healthier direction.  

Purpose Consulting

What’s my purpose?  Why am I here?  Helping you get out of your own way.  Supporting you, your business, organization or foundation in discovering your greatest good.

Business & House Clearings

Transforming stale, heavy energies into light energy--"feels great in here"--places.  The Q'ero medicine men and women, who pre-date the Inkas from Peru, call heavy energy, huacha, and light energy, sami.  When a person or place is filled with light, they are said to glow with a rainbow body.  This is about creating more light and a clean slate experience to your home or office space.

“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.”

— Viktor E. Frankl

Are Sessions effective, even if you don’t fully believe?

Yes.  I’ve worked with thousands of clients and discovered that the work tends to be effective even if you're not sure you believe.  However, what's requires is a willingness to engage in doing your personal work.  If there's not yet a willingness nor a strong desire, then it's best to wait until there is.  

Do you offer Local sessions?

We can chat about flying me out to your location or experiencing the work in person in Michigan.  Just send a quick note via this contact form, and we’ll get the details rolling. . . 

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