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“Your legacy is every life you’ve touched.” — Dr. Maya Angelou

Sheryl is a truth-teller.  A pattern seeker and seer of the highest order for our unique and collective potential.  Bringing forth the storytelling and healing wisdom of shamanic practices, combined with 30 years of education training and writing mastery, Sheryl helps us deeply reshape and reconnect the stories of who we are.

Rooted and grounded in the healing that the Earth provides in its mystery and legacy, Sheryl's work feels like coming home to what we have always known, but have forgotten.  

Sheryl ignites a knowing, self-trust, and a connection where the eyes you see through feel brand new. Like the playful spirit and senses of a wise child restored.  Where your purpose simply begs to be lived and shared.”

Maria Carter, Entrepreneur, Author, Mother & Spouse
Austin, TX  

“For so many years, I was feeling frustrated and stuck, because I thought what I needed to get to the next level was a marketing technique, a selling technique, a new hire, some business strategy.  

And from where I am right now, I can see that there was no amount of any of that that could compensate for what was playing out at an energetic level.

The business was capped energetically, and through working with you, I didn’t even know what the energetic caps were, and I certainly didn’t come to you and say “Oh, I’ve got issues with codependency with my clients,”   

And I don’t understand how this has happened, but whatever has happened as we’ve worked together, I’ve gotten clarity and then through the clarity, it’s like, just instantly been able to step beyond it.  I mean that’s powerful.”  

Bernadette D., CEO & Mother
Scotland, United Kingdom

“I can honestly say that meeting Sheryl changed my life.  I arrived ready to let go of some heavy baggage.  Ready to open up something new.  Within a very short amount of time after our session my path changed forever.  Sheryl helped me find me, realise my potential and brought about huge positive change in my life.  I will be forever thankful for her support, love and guidance.

‘Turning points, while they often come from moments of darkness, can steer us in the direction of great light.’ Richard Branson “

Rob Sorrenti, Writer and Producer
London, England

“Sheryl uses her gifts to change lives.  Bold changes.  Tender changes.  Immense, soul shifting changes.  In the past year I’ve experienced profound shifts working closely with her during my mother’s terminal disease.   

Sheryl worked with both of us individually first and then together to help us truly embrace this challenging journey. She led us to an invaluable and unexpected shift from a gripping fear of loss to immense gratitude for our strengths.  We both found freedom rising from the truths shared and knowing that we are incredibly strong and so very fortunate for the lessons, love and bonds we’ve created and shared within our family.  Throughout the process she nurtured us both and comforted us with truth and insight.  I cannot imagine a more generous gift.

Going beyond the grieving process Sheryl was able to shine light on other longstanding fears and stories that were holding me back from freedom and growth.  I found love, acceptance and peace in her capable, authentic care.

Finally while facing my own surgery and recovery during this same time, Sheryl was integral to framing the entire medical experience into a healing journey – from preparing me physically and emotionally to sharing the experience and guiding the recovery to the healed state.”  

Tracey Ivanyshyn, President UpLevel Customer Care
Ontario, Canada

“I’m grateful to have met with and worked with Sheryl on a number of occasions and shared some inspiring and enlightening conversations during our meetings in my trips to the States. 

Sheryl also supported myself and my teammates who took part in a 4 day endurance event in Italy with Sir Richard Branson as part of the Strive Challenge for the Big Change Charity. Sheryl held space and facilitated a powerful meditation for our team of 4 and helped us each set intentions for the adventure that awaited. 

The meditation and other work she did with us on our Skype calls and in person did a lot for me and I consider it, and all of Sheryl’s work to be a gift. I look forward to working with and seeing you again soon!”

Pat Divilly, Author, Speaker
Galway, Ireland

"Wow! What a difference! It's hard to put words to my experience. All I can say is that I am living with less anxiety, much less, on a daily basis. Things that would work me up in the past have simply let go. I am able to find joy easily and share it. Thank you for everything, Sheryl!"

Kelly Fitzsimmons, Author & Speaker
Wisconsin, USA

“What started as a 'chance' meeting through a non-profit cause partner has blossomed into an incredible connection serving impactful entrepreneurs at the highest level. I’ve personally worked with Sheryl and also had her present at several of our Maverick events. Each time the group has found her unique work as an enhancement to their lives and to truly align their businesses with greater evolutionary purpose. I couldn’t recommend her more for leaders and visionaries.”

Yanik Silver, founder Maverick1000

"I was drawn to work with you because I was at a place in my life where I felt stuck, frustrated and insecure about many of the decisions I was making. Since our work together has begun, I can truly say that my whole being has changed. I am more confident within myself. I am more trusting of the decisions that I am making. Overall, I just feel better and more comfortable being me. I know that this can only be attributed to the work that I have done with you. My internal existence is much more peaceful, grounded and confident. And financially, my business is effortlessly thriving more than usual. My relationships with family members is more grounded and full of love. Thank you Sheryl!"

Karen Raden MS,RD,CCN
Illinois, USA

“Sheryl is a truly wonderful healer, and she brings beautiful intuition and deep compassion to our sessions together.  I have really learned to love myself and trust my intuition!

Sheryl has really helped me to take my power back. I no longer feel scared to have courageous conversations, and I am finally putting myself first.  This has given me space to be happy, and in turn share my happiness with those around me.    

As well as giving me tools to work with on a daily basis, Sheryl has really helped me to clear my mind and think more positively again.  

So grateful to have such a loving, kind, compassionate friend that is guiding me to be the best version of myself! Her authenticity and joyful warmth make you feel so comfortable, and it allows you to be so open, so if you haven't already, trust me, book a session with Sheryl.  Start healing and you will not regret it!  

I feel such an empowering shift in my life, and that excitement and spark once again!”

Taran G., Domestic Engineer & Entrepreneurial Spouse
South Africa

"My biggest frustrations with my company were interpersonal.   You know, six-year-olds are in a constant place of play.  But for us, it's like there's all this other stuff in there preventing us from just playing together.  That's what you help with.  

When people have their first session with you, it's like, 'Wow!  how did I not know this existed before?  It's like Neo getting plugged into the Matrix for the first time.'"

Michael, CEO


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