The Science Inside Shamanism

This summer, I spent a Saturday night sitting in Deepak Chopra's divine presence.  He stood on a podium before the Detroit riverfront defining "healing" as "the return to the memory of who we really are."  Isn't that a beautiful and simple truth?

He then continued to dance across concepts from photons to negative space.  "The whole universe is a vibration and its simplest make-up is photons--light."  As he spoke, the simple truths that span across wisdom teachings from all cultures continued to reveal their alignments--for instance, the simple truth that we are made up of light vibrations: in science, we call these photons, in Inka shamanism, the very word Inka means "children of the light" meaning we are all children of the light and in being so, we are all made-up of photons, in yoga, we speak of chakras as energy centers of light, in many religious art images, we see halos of light emanating from enlightened figures.  My simple point, there are universal truths inside the wisdom teachings, and my teachers have gifted me so many ways of sharing these offerings in community.  Ceremony is one of these ways.  What we're finding is that many are craving ceremony right now.  Craving the moments where we elevate our lives to the sacred, such that we can see them through new lenses and call to us the lives we dream for ourselves.

Often, people ask me what a shaman does.  I explain that a shaman steps outside of time and space and into infinity such that what the client wants to happen, has a greater possibility of manifesting.  To do this, shamans step into sacred space.

 It felt so empowering to hear Dr. Chopra explain the science behind this.  He explained that "The space between vibrations are the 'off' times where there is no energy, no information, no time and no objects.  So, what's there?"  He asked.

  1. infinite possibilities
  2. infinite connectedness
  3. uncertainty
  4. infinite creativity
  5. intention 

Apparently, what's there in the off times between vibrations, is a space where everything becomes possible, a space where everything is connected to everything, a space where there's some unpredictability, a space where creativity abounds and the power of intention fuels it all.  This, he explains, this space sounds like Spirit, the Divine.  

This is how shamans dream the world into being.  We are trained to step outside of time and space, and into a space where everything becomes possible, into oneness with Spirit and with oneself.  Thank you for gifting me your presence in reading this post.  If you're feeling drawn to these teachings, join me for several local ceremonies and workshops wherein we learn to step outside of time and space and begin dreaming our worlds into being.

Many Blessings,

Sheryl Hope Netzky


Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved, Sheryl H. Netzky

Warrior Poem: Treat Yourself Gently

It’s time to put the spear, the sword

the knife down.  The world

is righting itself.

Warrior, you with your long light hair

and lean sinewy arms,

You, with your eight inch spear.

You, who’s kneeling on one knee

at the foot of my bed

holding your spear

at rest.

You.  You.  Warrior in me.

Take rest.

The war is ending.

Become the Heirophant

seated in your red robes

holding septar and anch

lion and bull

eagle and hawk.

You.  Sit in your throne

in you, as you, and choose.

Choose how you will create each day.

Sacred Writing Activity:

How gently can you treat yourself right now?  What is the self-talk that permeates your inner landscape?  In what ways does your inner warrior declare war on yourself and others. 

Begin writing to yourself, as if you were a newborn child.  Speak sweetly and softly.  Use terms of endearment like, “Sweetheart”, and “Oh, Baby”.  Allow the sweetness of who you inherently are to unfold on the page.  Write for ten minutes.  See what happens.