Solstice 2012

Dear Community,

My sharing today is about a GPS.  Strange topic, I know, but oddly imperative.  

The GPS.  Mine guided me home, on Dec 20, 2012, in many ways.  I was mindlessly following directions home, when I diverted from the purple line, to stop at our community mailboxes.  Quickly, my GPS announced "redirecting route" and I froze for a moment, questioned my bearings--had a moment of "Am I going the right way" and laughed at myself.  I was in my own neighborhood, three minutes from home.

I share this story to share a laugh at my own sleepiness, but also to call upon each of our wakefulness.  As we enter this Solstice gateway, this gateway wherein the Sun stands still before reversing direction, at this unique evolutionary time that we've called the birthing, the awakening, the return to truth, the great turning over, I am reminded of how very important it is that each of us calibrate to our own inner guidance systems, these ancient advanced technologies beyond machinery and outer tools--to vibrate to our own truth, to the home inside our own hearts, such that even when someone else suggests we "redirect route", we remember our own resonance, and that we already know the way.  Perhaps, now more than ever, our ability to know home and be responsible for guiding ourselves there matters.

There is no denying that we have access to Oneness information in every moment of every day.  How deep are we willing to dive into our own internal waters to clear our internal rivers of light, such that we can access the thread of connectivity to be of highest service?  Everyone has these skills.  How will we each have the courage to tap into and bring forth our unique gifts to share with the world.  Where can we stop denying and justifying and surrender to our own truth, even bigger.  What do yours look like?  Sense like? Feel like?  Taste like?  How are you being called to bring forth your gifts to the world today?  I know you're hearing it. . .listening to it. . .sensing it.

As we transition into this next stage of human evolution, wherein our inner worlds become more and more synonymous with our outer experiences, wherein we think a thought like, "I'd really like a cup of tea," and a friend walks in and places one in our palms, we are being called deeper and deeper into trust of our internal global positioning systems, our own ancient, tapped-into-the-highest-resonance-of-truth GPS "home" barometer.  What does it sense like when yours is "on"?  How do you know?

I acknowledge that these are extreme times.  Times when we are witnessing the sweetness of peeling a clementine open, awakening our senses to nature's sweetness, and the deliciosity of conscious communities gathering to craft beeswax candles to light our ways through dark times, juxtaposed with moments of kindergarteners gunned down amidst their classmates in a close-knit Connecticut town by a twenty-year young disconnected boy, touching the global pain that hurt people, hurt people, even the innocent ones, accepting that somehow, even now, the universe is in divine order, awakening us to our own humanity, to our own need to connect and help others connect, to global grieving and the communal heartbeat of parenthood and love and teaching. 

What if this is a time to wake up to all of it?  To feel, even in painful moments when we'd most like to numb out and not look.  To feel, and still choose to open, expand and love.  To tune in and amp up our own ability to hold the light, strongly and softly.

Perhaps it's a time to recognize when we are Home, and cultivate cleaner and clearer inner sanctity.  A time to respect Home inside each other and become mirrors of grace for one another.  A time when our communities grow more and more loving.

Happy 2012 Solstice, Friends.  I am grateful to know you.

I invite you to share what your GPS is navigating you toward for 2013.  What wants to create itself through you?  If I can be of service to support you in midwifing your dreams into realities, please connect in.

Much Love,