Good Energy Moments That Matter


I fell in love with the ocean again.  Thought you might enjoy a taste, too.

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A client recently shared, "Sheryl, what I fear most is not doing what I'm actually here to do in this lifetime."


I so understood that fear.

To shift it involves learning to see yourself and your life clearly.

Sounds simple, I know.  But, actually it's quite profound.

How many times do you see yourself accurately when you look at yourself in the mirror?  Is your face the same shape, size, color you expect it to be?

When you reflect on what you've contributed to your family and what you haven't?  Would your list match your family's lists?  How clearly are you seeing you?

No worries, this is challenging for most of us.  So, here's what you can do to clear your mirror.


Each December, I have a ritual.  

I take a big piece of blank paper and start listing all my gratitudes and accomplishments for the year.  

This year, I may need 2 pieces (smile).

I list Good Energy joyful moments that have mattered like: 

  • Experimented with mixing 1 C corn starch w/1/2 C water with my eleven year old son (try it!)
  • Did a Fly-Me-Out to Grand Cayman Island to facilitate energy sessions for 3 generations of amazing folks
  • Served as a Shamanic Camp Counselor for 150 Maverick Entrepreneurs 
  • Supported around 2,000 students and clients with energy work
  • Deepened 4 existing friendships, resurrected 2 former friendships, made at least a dozen new "good people" friendships I cherish
  • Planted 8 fruit trees in my home orchard with support 

Some Good Energy moments are simple.  Some are personal.  Some are professional.  Some are even practical.

All are moments that mattered deeply to me.


I invite you to grab some paper, and create your 2015 Good Energy List.

See how many moments lit up your smile, your heart, your mind, your belly this year.  

Draw them or write them.  Feel each tiny triumph in your cells, as if they're waking up as you're celebrating them.

Each moment you list validates:

"I'm using my time well here in this body, as this being, on this planet, now." 

Then, challenge yourself to focus on 1 focused intention for 2016.  What is the one accomplishment that if you mastered this in 2016, you will have checked off the next level of soul mastery on your internal checklist?  

It's not that you won't accomplish more than that.  It's just that the act of narrowing our choices, allows us to infuse more potency into the one intention that matters most.

I like to choose:

1 for how I'll serve the world & 

1 for how I'll be in right relationship with my family while I serve the world. 

Your turn!  On your marks, get set, go!

Post your top 2015 triumph & your 2016 intention(s), so I may celebrate and hold space for your dreams, too.


Holding Ourselves & Loved Ones in Mastery

Holding Mastery, Dissolving Illusions


So, as we glide into the holiday season, I'm called to share the value of holding our loved ones in their mastery, even when they're caught in their stuff.

Picture this. . .

Every one of your close family members standing around you seeing you through the eyes of love.  You radiate in your giftedness.  They see you as a being filled with light, with love.  Loving you for being exactly as you are.  This is remembrance.  Can you feel that?  

Great, now switch.  Practice placing each family member in the center of the circle in your mind.  What if you could see each of them through your eyes of love?  Radiating their brilliance.  As their essential, unmasked, uncloaked selves--not an angsty laden with defense mechanisms versions of themselves--but really as their masterful essence selves?  Repeat with each member.

What might your holiday be like?

What energy might cook into the food?

How might conversations evolve?

How might you feel?

"Wait a second, Sheryl, um, that's just a fantasy.  That ain't never gonna happen in my family." 

So, let it begin with you.

Here's what's on offer.  Your family may or may not ever be able to reflect the beauty of your own mastery back to you.  The truth is, it is each of our jobs to clear our own internal mirrors, and to strengthen our visioning such that no one, and I mean no one, can distort your own lens on your divinity.  

I repeat the great words of Panache Desai, "There is nothing wrong with you.  You are not broken.  You do not need to be fixed."  As you clarify your own mirror, you see this more and more radiantly as the truth.  You no longer need this to come from outside, and of course, your glow, your brilliance becomes evident to others like the sun.

"So, Sheryl, if it's our jobs to clarify our own mirrors, and our family's jobs to clarify their own mirrors, why do we hold them in their mastery.  Why not just let them clear it themselves?" 

Yeah, so here's the deal.  They are truly the only ones who can clear it, and still, how do you want to show up in the world?  As someone who is feeding the lies that they're already telling themselves about all the reasons they're not enough?  Or as someone who is holding up a clear mirror of brilliance to them, reminding them of how amazing they really are?  

My mom always said, "You catch more flies with honey, Sheryl."  I offer an uplevel of that proverb.  

As we allow our own hearts to be filled with our soul light purity (honey), the darkness inside ourselves and others, the forgetfulness (flies) will be attracted to it's own soul light purity (honey), and remember that at our essence, we're made up of photons.  Light.  By being the light, and feeding the light, we dissolve the debris of illusions and create more light.  This is the path.  This is the honey-filled journey.

Tools to practice:

1) identify the light inside yourself

2) identify the light inside your loved ones

3) see the reality of how they're showing up

4) face any intense feelings head on, actually feel them (schedule sessions as needed to support with this: or 248-433-3000)

3) take appropriate action, which may include leaving an unhealthy situation or having a difficult conversation, or enjoying a new evolving dynamic

4) hold yourself and your loved ones in their mastery, the essence of their light

How to Hold Yourself in your Mastery:

See yourself in your mastery.  In a moment when you loved your essence.  A moment when you were being your most evolved self.  Lean into that moment.  Grow it.  Evolve it.  Feel how non-reactive, non-judgmental, non-attached to any outcome you are in that moment.  Just simply loving you and seeing yourself clearly.   Light a candle.  Set the intention to feed your own honey soul light.  Sweep your hands from the candlelight to your belly, from the candlelight to your heart, from the candlelight to your head.  Namaste, friends and deep Munay to all.

Transform your holidays into true holy days.  Choose to energize, to feed, to nourish the healthiest parts of yourself and your family.  To be the clearest mirror possible of divine grace.  

Rockin' Rock Ritual: Sleep

Dear Friends,

Recently I had a restless night.  I woke up at 11pm, then at 1am, 3am and again at 5am.  What I noticed, though, was that it sensed like solar flares, like energetic vibrations instead of inner turbulence.  I phoned a trusted colleague.  She experienced the same thing, plus two ultra-amazing colleagues she was sharing time with, experienced the same.  I checked NASA, and major solar flares had been recorded.  Great, I thought, intuition has been affirmed, but now how do we sensitive folk sleep?

My dear friend, Steve Pizzanello, Chicago-based yoga teacher & coach extraordinaire, shared this powerful stone ritual with me.  He had slept like a rock, from the power of intentionality and a little help from Pachamama.

"I just take a rock and breathe into it at night, and set the intention that I get a rested sleep, and that I still do my personal work during sleep.  I ask that I only be awakened if absolutely necessary, and then within minutes, I'm asleep."  Yep, that simple.  (Plus, he's a skilled genius:)

So, I committed to it.  I took a stone, a regular stone, climbed into bed and breathed my intentions into it and voila!  Slept like a rock.  Consciously dreamed about what I'm creating in my life.  I awoke refreshed and revitalized and consciously super-charging my current life dreams.

So, if you're a sensitive type, too, or are just going through a rough sleep patch, here's my adaption of this Rockin' Release Ritual tonight:

  1. Choose a stone.  A piece of grounded earth.  Something solid.
  2. Feel into what is processing through your body.  Fear about not sleeping?  Fear of rejection?  Fear of scarcity?  Fear of not getting your needs met?  What is it?  What is your big beef with the world tonight?  Feel it in your body and blow it into the stone.
  3. Set your clear intention: to do your personal work through dreamtime, to amp up your vibration, to receive the highest of what's on offer globally, to create your life on purpose, to dream your biggest dreams into reality, to sleep through the night, awakening rested and ready for your day.
  4. Breathe this intention into the stone.
  5. Anything else coming up?  Breathe that into the stone, too.
  6. Place stone on your nightstand or altar, remembering that this stone is part of Pachamama--that timeless, spaceless Mother who mulches away that which is no longer serving, who holds us on her belly during these Earthwalks, this womb space who composts refuse into vital forces.
  7. Lay your head down and get some zzzz's!
  8. (Yes, you parents of little ones out there, this can work for you, too!  Set the intent, and rock it out.)

Many of us are experiencing up-leveling vibratory shifts right now.  What a great remembrance that we are not powerless over these vast shifts.  That we can, in fact, work with them, in life-enhancing ways.  

We choose how to engage with what is, in every moment, from a clear stance and the power of intention, and, of course, a little help from Pachamama.  This is how we learn to grow our proverbial corn from cultivated power, focus and skill.

If you're sensing that your own power of intentionality could be amped up by a session of support, please trust yourself and call or email for your session or

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