Good Energy Moments That Matter


I fell in love with the ocean again.  Thought you might enjoy a taste, too.

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A client recently shared, "Sheryl, what I fear most is not doing what I'm actually here to do in this lifetime."


I so understood that fear.

To shift it involves learning to see yourself and your life clearly.

Sounds simple, I know.  But, actually it's quite profound.

How many times do you see yourself accurately when you look at yourself in the mirror?  Is your face the same shape, size, color you expect it to be?

When you reflect on what you've contributed to your family and what you haven't?  Would your list match your family's lists?  How clearly are you seeing you?

No worries, this is challenging for most of us.  So, here's what you can do to clear your mirror.


Each December, I have a ritual.  

I take a big piece of blank paper and start listing all my gratitudes and accomplishments for the year.  

This year, I may need 2 pieces (smile).

I list Good Energy joyful moments that have mattered like: 

  • Experimented with mixing 1 C corn starch w/1/2 C water with my eleven year old son (try it!)
  • Did a Fly-Me-Out to Grand Cayman Island to facilitate energy sessions for 3 generations of amazing folks
  • Served as a Shamanic Camp Counselor for 150 Maverick Entrepreneurs 
  • Supported around 2,000 students and clients with energy work
  • Deepened 4 existing friendships, resurrected 2 former friendships, made at least a dozen new "good people" friendships I cherish
  • Planted 8 fruit trees in my home orchard with support 

Some Good Energy moments are simple.  Some are personal.  Some are professional.  Some are even practical.

All are moments that mattered deeply to me.


I invite you to grab some paper, and create your 2015 Good Energy List.

See how many moments lit up your smile, your heart, your mind, your belly this year.  

Draw them or write them.  Feel each tiny triumph in your cells, as if they're waking up as you're celebrating them.

Each moment you list validates:

"I'm using my time well here in this body, as this being, on this planet, now." 

Then, challenge yourself to focus on 1 focused intention for 2016.  What is the one accomplishment that if you mastered this in 2016, you will have checked off the next level of soul mastery on your internal checklist?  

It's not that you won't accomplish more than that.  It's just that the act of narrowing our choices, allows us to infuse more potency into the one intention that matters most.

I like to choose:

1 for how I'll serve the world & 

1 for how I'll be in right relationship with my family while I serve the world. 

Your turn!  On your marks, get set, go!

Post your top 2015 triumph & your 2016 intention(s), so I may celebrate and hold space for your dreams, too.