Family Wellness Events & Ceremonies

Even the most functional of families, sometimes can use the support of a shamanic practitioner to help them see one another through new eyes.  I help families uncover the closeness we all crave--of knowing and being known by one another.  Of loving and being loved by one another.  Of seeing one another through the eyes of our Second Innocence.

Family Wellness Events are customized to your family’s needs.  Usually, these consist of 1 or more private sessions for each family member, plus couples sessions, and spontaneous wisdom teachings around the family dinner table.  

Whether we’re elevating a specific moment in time like a baby’s birth, a parent’s passing, a 50th birthday party, an anniversary, or a vacation to reconnect with one another in meaningful ways, this work supports you.  

Here’s what the Carters share about their experience on their Family Wellness Vacation on Grand Cayman Island.

our Personal Sessions

I was astounded how in minutes she was able to laser in on the core root triggers of the things that were holding me back even though she had never met me. Sheryl brings these areas to conscious awareness and begins an incredible process from there.  One I would explain as dissolving what does not serve and reconnecting you to your original and highest self.  

After experiencing this, there was an immediate sense of empowerment, peace and beauty I felt in my body that is almost unexplainable.  Surprisingly, I woke up and even my clothing fit differently, my shorts were about 1-2 sizes looser than the day before.  My skin felt different.  Things she explained to me in regards to my path during our session, I found in the markets the next day as if they had been planted there for me.

Our Couples’ Session

The work I was able to do in a couple sessions with my husband was especially powerful, enabling a next level of communication and openness that we are enjoying and loving already.  It allowed us to honor all sides of ourselves and one another.   It allowed us to enter the world of each other from a different vantage point to gain a fuller picture understanding and mutual compassion.  We felt supported in a uniquely bonding way through this sacred space with Sheryl.  It almost felt like being remarried with eyes bright, renewed and wide open to the extraordinary possibilities that we can create together.

Our Childrens' Sessions

Experiencing the work with our children was truly a gift.  It is as if you are given a secret key to your children and they are giving a secret key to themselves.  

Sheryl addressed each session uniquely and age appropriately with grace and enthusiasm.  She gave my kids simple life tools that brought immediate signs of confidence and self-empowerment.   

Her experience as a teacher brought an added dimension of insight, trust and experience to her work with our children.  The kids had so much fun they did not want her to leave!  My ten-year-old son described the experience with Ms. Sheryl as "So interesting and awesome!"  

Over the following three days, I saw a shift begin to take place in their verbalization of what bothered them, what they needed from one another and how they started resolving conflict.    

If you have a child where your mother instincts are telling you there is something more you need to discover about your child that doctors, teachers, other professionals have not been able to pinpoint, I would highly recommend you consider a session with Sheryl.  

Our Grandparent's Sessions

My mother-in-law even shared in this experience.  Seeing her courage, her questions, and her expanded sense of ability to take control of her health and feel more strong in her body is so beautiful to see.  She seems energized and spirited!

All this happened in a couple of mere days while on a family vacation.  We enjoyed session time and down time too, and I would highly recommend this as a vacation, family, or couple's experience that you will never forget.

Working with Sheryl is an off the charts experience.

Working with Sheryl, life as you know it will shift. You will feel as if your chemistry has been rearranged in some way that you wake up knowing something in you is new again.

Sheryl, thank you for your gifts and wisdom and the sacred space of trust and healing you create.  Thank you for having the courage to share your gifts in the world.  Thank you for your inspiration, and for sharing of yourself so fully with our family.

You are an incredible woman and your light shines so awesomely! 

Muchas Gracias and gratitude — The Carters, Grand Cayman Island Family Wellness Event

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Ceremonies Elevate Our Lives

“Fire is the many-years-of-Sun-flame-winding now unwinding from the tree.” -Buckminster Fuller

Ceremonies support your family or organization in elevating and celebrating moments that matter into a lasting legacy.

Ceremonies and rituals have been used throughout time.  When I attended my first fire ceremony, I admit that I felt a bit hesitant.  I wasn’t sure what this was all about or whether I’d feel aligned with it.  Everyone else standing around the circle came prepared with Peruvian rattles and maracas.  A classmate handed me a Tic Tac container, and that became my first ceremonial instrument. Seriously.  

Next, my concerns calmed and I felt a sense of peace, connection and community. As we sang together around the fire, we brought our intentions, our dreams, our prayers.  We slipped behind the veil of an ordinary day’s work, groceries, emails and into a state of visioning our worlds as we’d like them to be.  It was magical and meditative.  Pure and soothing.  Transformative and memorable.

Here are some ways I’ve supported people in elevating their professional and personal experiences into transformative moments.

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies at Events

  • Visioning Drum Circle & Fire Ceremony 

  • Living and Dying Consciously Support

    • Flower ceremonies: honoring the memory of a loved one

    • Intention bundles

    • Unveiling ceremonies

  • Mother’s Way Circles & New Baby Welcoming 

  • 50th Birthday Celebration 

  • Home and Business Space Clearings

  • Despacho Intention Bundles for Start-up Companies, Abundance, Health, Career, Relationship and more. . .

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